About Me...

Hi, my name is Joe - I'm 34 and from the UK, currently based in Bali. I'm a self taught artist who started drawing with pencil at a very young age. I slowly developed some potential, but I didn't really pursue it through the teenage years (very distracted) lol, and only in recent years I've found the motivation to try and not waste a talent and see if I can make a living with my art - wish me luck. I've been creating a lot of digital art in the last few years including - logos, apparel designs & illustrations, but I recently delved into painting (it took a nationwide lockdown due to Covid to finally motivate me to pull my finger out and start painting) and I love seeing my ideas come to life on canvas. I try to create a mood in my art that reflects the human condition and try to get the viewer to think a little deeper. I love using colour so to create a bright, striking and surreal image, but also I try to keep the paintings detailed to create an element of realism. 

Check out the featured collection for all things mental health - There you will find digital art pieces and apparel, I feel wearing something about mental health could help break the stigma and raise awareness. 10% of profits from everything in this collection will be donated to a mental health charity. After clicking Pay Now you will see a pop up where you can choose out of three different charities, please click the links below to learn more about each charity.




Feel free to contact me about commission and personalised artwork.

I hope you enjoy my art, thanks for reading.